Rug Pads for Pet Owners

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Watch why we're the lowest cost pad
in the world

This is the only certified Green label Non-skid Felt Rug Pad on the market.
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Watch why we're the lowest cost pad in the world

Rug Pad for All Surfaces

About Pet Barrier Rug Pad

Pet Barrier Rug Pad was born out of a need for high-quality, pet-friendly rug pads that were eco-friendly and durable. Our rug pads have been tested and are now recommended and sold by top rug professionals all around the world.

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  • Our rug pads offer superior protection against pet accidents to protect the floor and the rug from wear and accidents.

  • Our rug pads provide excellent protection no matter the flooring type and give you the padding you desire to cushion as you walk over it.

  • We have designed a superior rug pad that provides the protection you need that's better for the environment.

Our rug pads offer two unique benefits - sustainability and durability. Homeowners need a solution that allows you to have the rug you love with the protection you need.

Our owners have been in the rug industry for decades but were tired of rug pad that really didn't work. We have developed a superior rug pad that offers superior protection from pet urine, spills, rug slippage, and wear. Our pads are also one of the most sustainable product on the market, making them safe for pets and the environment.

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Diamond Pattern

100% Latex Free