Pet Barrier Back vs Latex Rubber backing

Our Pet Barrier Polypropylene Backing                       verses                                                                     Latex Rubber Comparison
Item or Issue Pet Barrier Backing Others Latex Rubber Backing
Lower Cost Pet Barrier Products Eco by Design  5’ x 8’  rug pad
Cost  $94.96       20 Years = $4.74 Per Year
Life of Rug Warranty Est 20 years
Other Latex Back -  5’ x 8’  rug pad
Total Cost $75.96       4 Years=  $18.99 per year
 Time until Latex starts to breakdown, 3 Yrs. 
Vinyl Flooring Ours is the only felt Non-skid backing that WILL NOT discolor your floors.  Check the Manufactures Care and Maintenance information on their website LATEX RUBBER WILL DISCOLOR YOUR VINYL FLOOR, according to the manufactures of the flooring.  Ask your manufacturer!
Backing Polypropylene closed cell technology (NO Latex rubber) Latex rubber, fillers, Styrene, other chemicals that off-gas,  4.3% of the population is Allergic to Latex Rubber 
Felt Nylon, Polypropylene, polyester, yarn Nylon, Polypropylene, polyester, yarn
Pet Barrier Pet Urine will never get to your Floors saving you THOUSANDS $$ on Floor refinishing WATCH THE VIDEO! Any Fluid penetrates to your floor immediately creating bacteria growth and damaging your floors
Allergens NO LATEX RUBBER, NO ALLERGENs,  NO OFF-GASSING, Is Certified Green Label plus This has latex rubber, off gases chemicals used in Manufacturing process, 4.3% of the population is Allergic to Latex Rubber
Certified Green Labeled Ours is Certified Green Label. Plus, It will not smell or off-gas. Puts off little to zero VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) Chemicals are used to solidify the Latex Rubber to hold it in place.  The chemicals and fillers used, off-gas(smell) and soon start to break down quickly
Washable Our backing is like a plastic milk jug and never breaks down from yours or a Professional cleaning Washing latex rubber causes it to break down and start degrading faster, in most cases the degradation is immediate
Composition Polypropylene closed cell technology, is a byproduct of processing petroleum, using up the waste so not going into the atmosphere Latex rubber is imported from Southeast Asia and many of the fillers and other chemicals come from USA 
Made in USA 100% of this product is MADE IN USA The Latex Rubber is imported from Southeast Asia
Warranty Life of the Rug warranty means you will never have to replace. The only thing that will degrade the product is direct sunlight to the backing If you ask to get it in writing, most manufactures do not warranty the backing.  If they do, it is a statistical warranty, meaning they are playing the statistics that you will not complain. If you do, the cost is packed into the margins
Backing processes Laminated to the Felt, will never rub off Foamed on and will rub off even faster as it degrades
Sustainable Because our backing it washable and will not degrade over time, it will only make it to the landfill if you decide to throw it out, not because you need to throw it out.  Over 10 Million square feet of rug pad is sent to the landfill every month, most of it is pad with latex rubber backing because it degrades quickly
Radiant Floor Heating Our backing will not degrade or breakdown, it actually gets more grip The heat makes the Latex Rubber backing degrade immediately
Protecting Your Family, Your Home and Our Planet
NIH, National Institute of Health link on information about Latex allergies: